Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro review

Redmi Note 5 Pro is the latest  smartphone which recently started with the cheapest Redmi Note 5 in the Indian market. When the company sells more expensive models, the Redmi note series is always the Best Selling and Best Selling series.
I specifically mentioned this because they are actually just two faults that I look at on the company’s recent device. The Redmi Note 5 Pro name puts lots of rumor and its unique elements. This is an earlier update of the comments of the past, and frankly, I understand it difficult to understand why it exists.


In the Redmi Note 5 Pro Budget section, 18: 9 form factor marks Zeami’s enthusiasm. The marker poped the way for the slim panels with MM Mix and MI Mix 2, and although the effect is amazing at Redmi Note 5 Pro anywhere, you’re quite less than 5.99 inches with a big screen. Compared to last year’s Redmi Note 4.
The 18: 9 screen makes it more compressed than 5.99 inches screen. It is easy to hold and fingerprint sensor is easily accessible. It speaks to itself, but it does not separate it from the current 18: 9 phone. There is a vertical configuration of dual cameras that this element likes with the iPhone which is interested.
We have power and volume controls on the right side. Keys are well placed and incredible satisfactory televisions that are neither soft or too tight. In the opposite direction a hybrid sim tray that fits perfectly with the body.


Avoid the fact that the two lens arrangements on the back are similar to Iphone X, the Redmi Note 5 Pro camera is very much offered. The phone has 12-megapixel main camera which adds 5-megapixel depth camera, and further 20-megapixel camera with LED flash.
It is connected to the MIA1 camera, which means that thick G5 plus has a good camera in this value range. Redmi Note 5 Pro-sensitive Image Description produces deeper, courageous colors. At low light conditions, it can do a good work practical, although there is nothing to celebrate here. In some cases, Note 5 Pro produces better colors in low light conditions, as shown in comparison with our A1.
Portrait mode worked better than expected. Contro-recognition was generally good, and whether with man or objects, the camera has separated from the backgrounds with a backgrounds. Blurred effect is not strong with some other phones, which is good because it makes the blaze more natural, but can not pay attention to certain situations.
You get electronic image stability before the video, but you lose 4K recording. This is not clear why this feature has been removed because snapdragon can handle 636 4K video, and because Redmi Note 5 Pro captures the images, not the highlight of the video device.
Front camera
Proo has a 20MP camera that needs itself better than its predefined. The pictures are not really soft, although the details are not too high. Xiaomi has got a balance between “beautification” and natural pictures. It is not as good as the “expert nature” of the OPP, but it’s not too bad.

Battery life

Xiaomi Redmi gave priority to battery segment last year with a 4100mAh battery on note 4. The adaptation of the MIUI with the giant battery enabled Redmi Note 4 to rotate around its opponent’s surroundings. Not changed after a year. While Redmi Note 5 ProM is a small 4000 MW battery, it guarantees the guarantee of its excellent battery life.
The phone also comes without a quick charger in the box. Even if you own your fast charger, it loads the 10W charger and charging a 15W QC, with 30 minutes, a Standard 3.0 charger was similar to our testing, because you have charged 27% and charge 55% charge 60 minutes.

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  • October 19, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    Both honor 8x and mate 20 lite have similar processor and UI, But mate 20 lite is not running on FINAL SOFTWARE yet. That’s why it is little bit slower.


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