Xiaomi Mi A1 now gets the official update of Android Oreo

Oreo becomes official.

Since the beginning of December, Xiaomi is looking for people who want to participate in a beta version of Android Oreo for My A1. The message came later in the month when Oreo introduced the fast charge for the phone, but there was no timeline when it would be available to all. As a gift for the New Year, however, Xiaomi announced that Oreo will be officially launched for all A1 units. Xiaomi will push Oreo in batches on the A1 A1. So if you do not have an OTA update yet, you should go to your phone in a few days.

In addition to the quick download mentioned above, Oreo adds a picture in the image for My A1, notification points, Google Autofill API, improved battery performance, and everything we love about the latest version of Android.

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