The iPhone 8 was almost the best Google search this year

While the results give the impression that the iPhone 8 is more popular than the iPhone X, it is important to note that Apple’s flagship smartphone was known in the rumors rather than the iPhone 8 a fuggy version of iOS 11 confirms its most secret name. in August.

In the Consumer Technology category, the highest-selling search terms in 2017 were the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, ahead of the Nintendo, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xbox One X in the top five worldwide. Especially in the US, the iPhone 8 Plus was the sixth search term with the highest trend.

Google Trends describes other popular search terms in its Year in Search 2017 categories, including actors, athletes, car brands, drills, movies, recipes, songs and letters, sports teams, television shows, and world events. The results are similar to those of last year, when the iPhone 7 was the leading smartphone brand in Google, but the second most popular search term behind the successful Pokémon GO game.

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