What is the Samsung Galaxy S 9 release date,Price,News

What is the Samsung Galaxy S 9 release date?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released on February 25, and we hope that the first or second week of March will be available.

Samsung Galaxy S 9: We Know
Design: Based on the Samsung Galaxy S9 factory images, the Galaxy S8 will be very similar, though thanks to the fingerprints sensor in a more accessible place to solve one of the main problems. This means a metal and glass chassis with a very small telescope, but it will be difficult for the difference between the Galaxy S9 and the S8 side.

Specifications: US Qualcomm Snapdragon appears to be ready from Samsung with 845 and external world, Exynos 9810 chipset. It means 30% more power, though 4 GB internal RAM. It will be more than enough, but those looking for glasses for fun will not be seen 6 GB

Battery: Although it appears, we will have 3,000 MHz power supply, such as Galaxy S8, it is possible to make the actual increase in the battery life to improve the internal processor. This means Galaxy S9 must be more than a user for more than one day.

Camera: Main change here should be a 12 MP double aperture sensor. Which is light as light as a light light that allows the camera to modify the display of the camera. Although Samsung is still configured as exclusive sensor, it enhances the phone’s ability to capture large images and get dummy images in low light conditions.

Other Key Features: Animated Emoji, which is just a promotion that faces the face in the cartoon, the animation of the app shows in Galaxy S9.

Based on the rumors so far, this is what the Galaxy S9’s spec sheet looks like. 
Display resolutionQHD+ (1440 x 2960)
Display tech: Super AMOLED
Rear camera: 12MP
Front camera: 8MP
Battery: 3,000mAh
Rear fingerprint scanner
Wireless charging
Storage: 64GB/128GB
Chipset: Exynos 9810/Snapdragon845
Display size: 5.8-inch

Samsung Galaxy S9 is only spent less than 1000 euros

Explicit S9 and a yogurt exorbitant for € 997 in € 841 euro Start Price: We may have Samsung Galaxy S 9 a few days officially announcing, but could transpire, what the most important details about the upcoming smartphone might be the S9 more big, reliable fight Thanks to Ivan Blus.

They are almost estimated at $ 1.038 for S9 and have been estimated at both estimated and incredible expensive Apple iPhone X stadiums by calling both for S9 Plus for $ 1.9 (which cost $ 999 for 64GB models and $ 1,149 for 25 GB storage). These filter rates can move 19 20 percent in Europe that are likely to include taxes, so the phones are based on the steady currency base, probably spending less in the United States probably.

The smartphones also consider the cost of EA to do more out of the United States  (See: There are some $ 999 awards in the United States that has earned more than $ 400 in the United States of America.) That is something to consider for those who try it.

See our summary here, for more information on all that the S9 is transpired, including specifications, camera details and hardware changes. The Samsung S9 official on the Mobile World Congress is expected to announce in February 25.


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