Verizon launches BOGO agreement for iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8

As of tomorrow, December 15, Verizon has apparently decided to offer a BOGO deal for no less than the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, the Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy S8 +. This will surely approach some buzz in the mobile industry as the holidays. Twofer’s customers are watching it, and Verizon knows that very well. That’s why he has tied certain conditions to the deal, such as the obligation to buy phones several times and a new line from Verizon Unlimited that accompanies them. , Nevertheless, you can switch to this offer or come from another provider, so Big Red gives you options.

Also, you can not buy iPhone and Galaxy, but you need to mix and match the same manufacturer. However, without any obligation to replace it, Verizon will subsidize some of the most popular mobile phones at a price that is essentially half that. So we can not wait for the deal to be activated tomorrow and get all the juicy details. The analysts were pleased that operators were not ready to offer BOGOs this season, which is reflected in the results, but they quickly pushed for the non-subsidized system.

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