The world’s first mobile phone with fingerprint sensor on the screen comes from Vivo

On December 12, Synaptics announced that it was finally ready to begin mass production of the first fingerprint sensor hidden under the screen of a smartphone. Synaptics first realized that this technology will first be available on a smartphone from one of the “Top 5” Original Equipment Manufacturers, and now we know that the OEM is none other than Vivo.

Just pick up the phone, touch the screen that shows the lighted fingerprint, and the phone automatically unlocks. The fingerprint icon disappears and can be customized based on OEM customizations. According to Synaptics, the sensor also works with wet, dry or even cold fingers. Although Synaptics is not the first company to develop this technology, the company says it produces its products in large quantities to compete with larger companies. In a publication for Forbes, the analyst Patrick Moorhead has described in detail his experiences with a technology-equipped live pre-production telephone. Moorhead describes the sensor as “quick and easy,” while Synaptics says it’s twice as fast as 3D face recognition, like Apple’s Face ID. It is said that Vivo uses a 0.7 mm CMOS image sensor under the OLED display to read a fingerprint.

In terms of security, Moorhead also made it clear that Synaptics has integrated a separate encryption module into the Clear ID sensor, while the hardware can interact with the phone’s processor and authenticate the fingerprint. Apple may have given up Touch ID for the new face recognition, but there have been many cases where researchers could hack the security system. Security systems based on fingerprint scans will not be here soon, and it looks like Synaptics will take care of that. It was soon speculated that the next Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is the first device that comes with the fingerprint reader under the screen

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