The Galaxy Note 8 Oreo release date may be published by Samsung Turkey

Samsung has not yet confirmed Galaxy Note 8 Oreo’s release date, but after issuing the update for the Galaxy S8, this is the only time that Oreo reaches Samsung flagship. Now, an official Samsung website looks like the Galaxy Note 8 Oreo release date and if the letter is received, this phone seems to receive Oreo updates after this month.

Release date Galaxy Note 8, page, also states that Galaxy S7 is with the third phase of the Android 8.0 Erato Galaxy S7 and the expected release date of the third April. Similar information is also available for Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 (2017), which is listed on May 25 to receive updated updates this year. Samsung turkey can also issue a megawatt update for 49 Inch Galaxy Tab S3. We recently reported that the development of OREO updates for Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy Tab S3 started.

As noted above, Güncelmiyiz  is a valid Samsung website and serves as your local update portal for Turkish users, so it is possible that some information may be true in this information. Although Samsung’s history of firmware updates is given, it will be appropriate that Oreo updates for the above devices can be delivered on the same day listed on the site. The web

For this, for the release date for the Galaxy Note 8 other market, we may assume that Oreo Update will be released a few days before or after the start of the game for Phablet and other devices In turkey.



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