The camera of iPhone X is very good that people know about it

IPhone users complain that the quality of the camera is good that it gives them information about their presence.At this time, we have become experts in our own art. This requires the right light, an accurate attitude in which the neck from the camera headfiver should look at the neck and in a specific phone angle.But with the release of high anticipated iPhone X, it is easier than volunteer. In fact, some of their users later have your camera perfect.

The phone sold normally on Friday, was praised for its “real camera” which provides capabilities of front cameras in the camera with only camera photos in vertical light capabilities. IPhone 8.

Iphone x Camera

Apple has a dual 12MP (iphone + tele) camera configuration of iPhone X like iPhone 7 and 8 Plus. While the wide angle sensor is followed by F / 1.8 lens, the telephone is equipped with optical stabilization and the new F / 2.4 wide angle lens. It is believed that a large piece of scratch resistant sapphire crystal protects them from the danger.

Like 8 Plus, Sony Accelerator with iPhone X: Detailed angle camera has a pixel size of 1.22 microscope and is 1.0 microscope compared to the telephone lens.

The iPhone X takes the new image processor and noise suppression algorithm and A11 chip, with the iPhone X analyzes the image and conduct in real-time: finding body and face. Video recording also uses new possibilities: 4 modes in 60 fps and 1080p in 240 fps.

Apple is now implementing offensive AR and AR applications, so all camera lenses are calibrated in the factory to provide high-AR performance.

Apple has also announced that the new iphone is “deep pixels”, which is another name for camera sensors, which uses deep-touch isolation techniques. Separation of deep waste is not a new technology and was introduced in the development of first iPhone 6 which is available in many Sony Xperia (DTI) and Samsung Galaxy (ISOC) cameras. It is a technology to isolate the pixels in a sensor, to reverse the proximity pixel middle light and to improve the overall quality of the photo. You can not deny its benefits.

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