Sony explains why it dropped the headphone jack for the Xperia XZ2

For Sony’s all audio capabilities, it is still ineligible for us to decide to remove 3.5mm headphone jack for Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 compact. A recent question Sony often asks that the headphone jack is designed to design a new “environment flow” and “market trend towards wireless headset”.It looks like a small excuse. We are sure that Sony really wants to want you to have a room to hook. After all, there are other manufacturers who are thin glasses and still have 3.5mm ports.

And we are not sure that changing the headset of the headset is as important as Sony. Any increase in wireless headset was more important than customer preference, because some major manufacturers like Apple were removed from the game.

However, it is good that Xperia XZ2 phones continue to support both high-definition audio. Which Sony does not make clear that the Hi-Res audio works with “using a wired headset and a converted cable”. It’s not ideal.

Why was the headphone jack removed in the XZ2 and XZ2 configuration?

This environment is a part of changing our new design language for the flow. To create a beautiful smooth design, our designers had to remove the headphone jack. In addition, we are aware of the strong market trend for headphones for cordless headphones.



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