Samsung plans to ship 43 million units of Galaxy S9 and S 9 + this year

Samsung Electronics plans to deliver 43 million units of Galaxy S9 series for the year. We have increased the number of ships in comparison to the previous ship. Despite the development of smartphone market, we will sell more S-Syrians this year more than last year. This is the reason why Samsung Electronics launches a strong compensation program with the launch of new products.

According to the supplier industry, Samsung Electronics plans to release almost 43 million shipping plans for the first part of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus (+) smartphone this year.

According to a part of the industry manager, “perfume adjustment can be possible according to the condition of sale, but the annual shipping of both types of Galaxy S 9 is approximately 43 million units this year,” he said.

According to the Samsung Electronics Shipping Plan, two Galaxy S9s plan to sell more than two million units as the previous version. The two Galaxy S8 model’s annual accounts were 41 million units last year.

Samsung Electronics was also unable to avoid market trend. In 2016, Galaxy S7 Series sold 48 million units a year, but last year, Galaxy S8 Series sold more than 7 million units.

Samsung Electronics has introduced an indemnity program in the past, which is shortly replacing cycle of Galaxy Club. This is the first time Samsung won more than 100,000 cash. Samsung Electronics is expected to provide customers more and more profits., The largest market.

“In the US, Samsung Electronics should execute one-on-one marketing program during the sale phase of Galaxy S7 in the US,” said a security analyst at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Electronics needs to ask for replacement after 5-10% of the delivery, I can make this important decision.”



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