Samsung may launch folding screen phone as a pilot next year

Samsung takes some temporary measures to make phone with flip-up screens. According to Bell, the company announced plans to build parts related to roller screen with related parts manufacturers. The plans indicate that the production should start in November.

Particles are primarily the ones that make the phone base, are not part of the actual design. This article is quoted as an industry source that Samsung has not finished designing the device. The source said that Samsung is still developing editions of inflation and equipment deployment, and the final design of the last design in June.

It demonstrated inflation and deployment devices with the latest rumors that Samsung prototype with a 7.3 inch display for the CESs in the year 2018.

It was said that the number of parts of the order was smaller than the usual Samsung devices. It is estimated that these devices have about 10 million quarterly forecastings, but Belle says, the order for this device depends on the size of 500,000 and 2,000,000. Numbers suggest that this will be a pilot project.

It will not be the first time that Samsung will test a new screen type pilot device. Specially introduced in South Korea in 2013, Galaxy Round was the first mobile phone of Samsung that specializes in curved glass as now is all the best on Samsung flagship devices. The Touch Edge that started in 2014 was the first tool for Kakraborty, near our known curve, although the technologies actually started in 2015 would not start up to S6 Edge, such as the infrared screen found on the current Samsung phone.




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