Samsung Galaxy A9 Review


Samsung A series of 2016 is really something. With the slightly less rounded rectangular shape of the A 2015 Series (compared to the flagship S Series), the new phones have adopted a more elegant and sophisticated glass design. In addition, Samsung has some additional size variations to choose from, the largest of which is the Galaxy A9, a 6 “giant that impresses with both size and posture.


Priced at between $ 450 and $ 500, the Galaxy A9 is easier to acquire than the corn, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, most consumers will probably have difficulty finding the places where the cut is made corner. If you like big … no, huge screens, it could be the phablette you’ve always wanted.


Key Features

Available with dual-hybrid SIM / microSD slot
Metal frame between 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4
Super AMOLED 6 “resolution 1080x1920px, ~ 367ppi
Quad-core Cortex-A72 + A53 Quad processor, 3GB RAM, Adreno 510 GPU; Snapdragon 652 chipset (also available with Exynos chipset)
Android 5.1 Lollipop with TouchWiz, theme support
13MP camera with 1/1-aperture and OIS; 1080p video recording; 8MP front camera, 1080p video
32 GB of integrated memory; 24 GB user available; MicroSD slot (same as SIM2 slot on some models)
LTE Cat. 4,150 Mbps, Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.1, ANT +, NFC, FM Radio
4000 mAh battery

Main disadvantages

No 4K or 1080p video at 60 frames per second
No MHL (but it is compatible with USB OTG)
Without notification light


Some say, with some negative connotations, that metal has become the new plastic in terms of phone design. If you agree, you will like the Galaxy A9 with its smooth glass exterior. Yes, it will be easier to decipher; Yes, it will put on more fingerprints, but it looks really luxurious!

The design of the Samsung Galaxy A9 is one of its main selling points: it can be available in three different colors: white, gold and “rose gold” and the last two have a black front. The three options are very attractive. The side frame is properly colored metal for the three variations, and I am pleased to say that the company has taken enough care to smooth the edges, making it a phone that feels really good in the hand.


“Solid” and “substantial” are two terms that I would certainly describe the Galaxy A9. The phone does not feel like PLASTIC or little solid Xiaomi MI5, for example, but beautiful and solid: it makes you confident that will not easily collapse. Then, taking into account the imposing dimensions and its weight of 7.05 oz Rocker (200 g), the A9 insurance is very important, leaving far beyond the other bulky and heavy phones like the iPhone 6s Plus (6, 77 oz | 192 g) and Galaxy Note 5 (6.03 oz | 171 g). However, since a huge 6-inch screen is mounted on the Galaxy A9, these numbers are certainly predictable.

It is also worth mentioning: Since this has become the norm for the latest Samsung high-end buttons phones, the (home, volume, power supply) are easy to press and press, with a well-defined contact feedback.

A9 Galaxy, a top-level phone comes with a fingerprint scanner in your start button, like the S7 or the Note 5. The scanner also works similarly: it’s faster and more responsive, though its accuracy tends to go south, the more the user is careless with the positioning of his fingers.



Interface and functionality

For experienced Samsung users, the Galaxy A9 will have nothing new: it comes with the latest TouchWiz interface on Android 5.1. You heard right – there is no Android 6 on the A9, which is a blatant omission. With the A9 as a premium phone, however, I hope that Samsung will soon update it.


Anyway, the Galaxy A9 user interface is colorful and animated. It’s moving quite fast, though it tends to be somewhat uneven and not as smooth as the software experiences found in some competing products like HTC, Motorola or Apple.

The Galaxy A9 is on the heavy side, so it requires at least two hands and a little more attention so it does not accidentally come out of hand.

So, how do you tap such a big screen? Unfortunately, one-inch writing is almost impossible: you need Shaq-level hands to do it. The good thing is to type with both hands in portrait mode, it’s more convenient than in small phones. For me and my average hands, writing in horizontal mode was pretty over the top. Of course, as we talk about TouchWiz, there are a lot of additional features for the standard keyboard, such as a relatively fast touchpad, a built-in T9 keyboard that allows writing with your finger, a wide selection of emoticons, and easy access to all kinds attach messages to your messages, including photos, videos, audio, calendar notes, map locations, and more. Really hardcore stuff.


Processor and memory

Inside the Galaxy A9 is the intriguing Snapdragon 652 chipset with its octa-core CPU and Adreno 510 GPU, which are actually quite powerful. The A9 with its Snapdragon 652 can almost keep up with the performance of the best smartphones of the past year, such as the Galaxy S6 and Note 5. That means it’s quite powerful.

In fact, while playing with the phone and trying to put it to the test, the Galaxy A9 remained stable and fast. I’m sure the generous 3 gigs of RAM will help here as well. If you play a lot on your smartphone, the Galaxy A9 should not disappoint.


The camera department of the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) is similar to the excellent Galaxy S6.

It starts with an earlier version: the sensor has a resolution of 13MP (and it’s 4: 3 instead of 16: 9). Apart from that, the camera has an aperture f / 1.9 and optical image stabilization. And like in S6, you can press the Start button twice to start the camera quickly.

The A9 offers Pro mode, but does not look like the S6. It only provides white balance, ISO and exposure compensation. In essence, the configuration of most phones, but in a more accessible layout.

DR is subdivided into a separate mode instead of switching to Viewer as in S6 (ie there is no automatic HDR mode).

A rare anti-fog option corrects for the reduced contrast you get in cloudy climates. The download option gives you some additional recording modes (free only, the Paid tab was empty).

The 28mm field of view of the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) camera is horizontally as wide as the Galaxy Note5 camera, but you get slightly more vertical space.

The resolution difference is not huge, but the A9 stores fewer details per pixel. Part of it is the strongest noise reduction that softens the fine texture and foliage. There is generally more noise, even after a noise reduction.

The colors are light on the A9, with a slight bluish hue. Since the dynamic range is narrower, shadows get less attention from A9 than from Note5.

The shooting time is faster than the A7, though HDR can slow things down.

Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) has a massive 4000 mAh battery and we expect a lot, depending on experience with smaller A phones. However, if you have used the old S615 chipset, this A9 has a Snapdragon 652.

The results are spectacular, with a 103-hour rating (in single-SIM mode), the Galaxy A9 is Samsung’s most durable phone, with the exception of the active S6. With a second SIM card, the gas needle hardly moves, the A9 took 98 hours.

Talk time is 33 hours, literally more than you can do in one day. The longevity of web browsing is impressive, not Huawei Mate 8 impressive, but among the best, with the exception of some outliers.


Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016) key test results


Construction quality emblematic, but with an imposing size that makes the use of one hand difficult
The screen has perfect colors and is always readable; The lower pixel density is not really a problem (flickering can bother some people though)
High autonomy, good performance in all tests
Comprehensive software package with multitasking applications with split screen and high-end applications from Samsung; Too much space is reserved for the system, though
Fast fingerprint reader (as fast as S6 / Note5); Samsung Pay (in some markets)
The S652 chipset essentially delivers peak performance (without the heat)
Super multimedia application package with advanced music player, also FM radio
The handsfree is better than the smaller phones, but you have to choose the right ringtone
Perfect audio quality if you have an external amplifier, but the volume decreases when you plug in the headphones
In good conditions, the quality of the photo is close to Note5, but the A9 captures less detail and generally has a lower dynamic range; Pro mode is more of a name than a function. bright opening are appreciated, though
The video quality in 1080p is basically the same, the audio is not that good; There is no 4K mode, though the chipset supports it

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