Samsung and LG say they will not slow down phones with used batteries like Apple

Samsung and LG, two of the largest smartphone makers, said on Saturday that they are not slowing down the phones with used up batteries, a practice that Apple has allowed on iPhones to prevent them from switching off unexpectedly.

“The quality of the products was and is always top priority for Samsung.” We guarantee a longer service life thanks to multi-layered security measures, including software algorithms that regulate the charging and charging time of the batteries. Samsung to PhoneArena.”We are not reducing CPU performance through software updates during the phone’s life cycle,” the company added.Like LG, LG has vowed not to slow down their smartphones.The Taiwanese HTC and Motorola technology company, owned by Lenovo, also confirmed Thursday that it will not slow down the phones with used batteries.Earlier this week, Apple apologized for freezing iPhone users without their knowledge and offered a new battery replacement program.The Cupertino-based giant said he would reduce the price of a replacement battery from $ 79 (about 5,000 rupees) to $ 29 (about 1,850 rupees) for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later.

The company has filed eight separate applications in the United States. UU against him on the issue, and he also saw additional legal action in Israel and France.

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