Report: Apple discusses with Chinese BOE Provider for Flexible OLED Screens for Another Production iPhone

Before the fall of the next update of the iPhone, the new Bloomberg report states that Apple is a supplier of the possibility of performing bio-technology equipment in China. IOE is the first company outside Japan and South Korea to work on iPhone and flexible AMOLED performance.
According to the report, Apple is searching for “next generation screens for future iPhones” by BOE and is currently tested. Apple’s trial of the alleged Boy Olded Technology and the technology for the next iPhone 8 has been sought.

However, it is important to remember that BOE reminds us of the launch of iPhone 8 this year, and instead it can focus on the supplier for 2018 updates.

According to the report, BOE is building two OLED facilities in the southwestern country of Sichuan province. The company invests $ 14.5 billion in construction of factory at Chengdu and Myiang.
Apple is now planning to bring OLED screen technology to this iPhone model, probably iPhone 8. It is said that there is a problem with the company to produce a screen, some things that can affect the availability of the device while it starts and maybe after 2018.

After working with Apple for sharing with iPhone, it is possible that the OLED display technology can restart the iPhone line that is up to date, but only speculation at that time.



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