The 10 Best Smartphones to Buy in 2018

From iPhone X to Samsung Galaxy S8, an excellent year for 2017 high-level smartphones, and proved to be more stringent than selecting excellent phones. It’s hard to believe which smartphone is complete. To do good With these re-designed cameras, shocking screens, and the latest Snapdragon 845 processor from Quule, these phones really look effective and candidates for the year’s phone may be candidates. Our team has enabled smart smartphones to raise the market and gives us the idea of ​​smartphones that put their promises and provides the best value for your budget.

Iphone x

IPhone X  was announced, Apple was introduced in September 2017. According to Apple, iPhones X 10 years ago in 2007, iPhone has been the biggest technical advance of the iPhone after considering another decade of development. The last ten years of the iPhone have contributed significantly to the development of the industry: Capacitive touchscreen, glass design, fingerprint scanner, switching and pressing portrait mode. Apple is progressing everywhere by millions of people in dark technology progress. And now they have done again. Once the identification of gadget software, Apple has taken another step in biometric security. The company was so confident in its capabilities that it immediately removed Touch ID. The biggest problem with iPhone X is with software. The IOS 11 is fine, but the X-thought interface after X-friendly interface is becoming more frustrated every day. The battery life is static and the camera only beaten by Google Pixel 2 XL. Specifications….

Samsung galaxy s9 plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus today is a great shopping and great camera for the best that you can buy today is the most advanced mobile phone, even if it looks like S8 Plus last year. Any rigid changes in the design, this is just an average update of S8 Plus, but it’s a generous update to Android phones, which is in the list of the best phones in the month of 11 months. It is important to remember. There are different types of size, weight, battery life, and other differences in memory, but if the size of the screen is not important to you, the second camera is the reason why you have to pay more for Galaxy S9. All other key attributes are the same, debits in the industry with these Galaxy S9 phones, including 12 megapixel dual-aperture cameras. Specifications…


Google Pixel 2

Find out how to capture worldwide capture, savings, and world. Pixel 2 is an intellectual camera that features every light beautiful picture, fast-charging battery and integrated Google Assistant record. Pixel 2 has been my phone because I used a few months ago. With the clean installation of Android, the phone software is available today that is the best, and the next step in the operating system that you found in Galaxy and HTC S8 U11 is a good step.
You get 2 together in Pixel that you get with XL or almost anything. This high-end Qualcomm Chipset features industry-leading camera and stereo speakers, but top-18/9 screen and battery capabilities are left.

5 inches 16: 9, in the beginning, decides pixel2 by dividing the current trends on an eagle safe and on many foreheads, lack of obliqueness. Classic, you can call it tomorrow. However, the leading trends are two, talked with two pixels to make others what the camera is a winner computation photography. Specifications….

Samsung galaxy note 8

Of all phones starting in 2017, no 8th class was waiting. After the grade 7 division, there was much speculation about how Samsung reacted.Fortunately he did this with an excellent phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a perfect phablet, and it’s still an excellent choice that will not be replaced before the end of the year.
The biggest danger is still the lack of Android 8.0, which has not been a special release date in the 8th class. Add to Oreo mixture and you will have a device that can easily challenge the dominance of the pixel 2x Android.

View a larger picture and chat in a very new way. With the Galaxy Note 8 in hand, the biggest things are waiting for it. Infinity performance that is greater than life. S pen A new way of communicating clean and stable images in low light also
See more, move less.
More with Galaxy Note 8, a beautiful giant 6.3 inch QHD super AMOLED infinite screen. Watch outstanding videos, edit photos, play games or drift with two apps – possibilities are eternal.
Tell your way.
Write lessons, cut photos and create animated GIF through the most advanced Samsung S Pen. Notes, memos, and reminder can be written in spaces without unlocking the phone.

Conquer elements
Do not worry about the use of employment, because the Samsung and Galaxy Note 8 with the protection of IP 68 protection is the excellence of dust and water. * Slide only or sprays and apps only, write comments or optimize photos. Specifications…

Iphone 8

The iPhone 8 was brought in a comfortable position under an iPhone X without an extra. It is revolutionary, especially exclusive and not interesting, but it’s a solid phone that I solve many problems. Iphone 7
Wonderful soul
IPhone 8 offers brand new glass design. The most popular cameras in the world, even better. The most smart and smart smart on a smartphone. Wireless charging is really easy. And the growing reality experience has never been possible. IPhone 8. A new generation of iPhone. A smartphone, the most difficult glass behind and behind. Equal quality aviation aluminum stripe. New surfaces in brown, silver and gold. An Retina HD display is pre-beautiful. With true tone, a wide range of colors and 3D touches. Performance is always beautiful, and while adding a little, the stable stream of iOS 11 fixes has made many mistakes. I am more comfortable than iPhones X on iPhone, but it can change with IOS 12. Specifications….

Samsung galaxy s8

Revolutionary design of Galaxy S8 and S8 + from inside. We retrieve every part of the design beyond the screen of the smartphone screen. All the things you see is pure material and really no one else. This is the largest and most the screen of Galaxy’s smartphone on this size. And it is easy to catch a hand.

Infinity display is an incredible end-to-end screen that spreads across the sides of the phone, creates a smooth, continuous surface with no protocol or angle. It is a pure crystal, virgin and different. And it captures the whole front of the phone, easily misleading aluminum problems. The result is a unique thing, beautifully rotated and completely symmetrical.

If you display iris scan on Galaxy S8 and S8 +, then eye test is not done. Your Errors have the methods that you are exclusively unique and to reproduce. By means of scanning Iris your phone and its contents are open only for your eyes. And if you need to unlock it faster, face-to-face is a convenient option.
Major Samsung 2017, Compact Edition. Does making Galaxy S8 even consider the biggest screen fans to change? Think of it: You get so many screens in the size of iPhone 7 on the phone. Hell, the S8 Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is the actual 3mm wide, the latest of the actual Excel Compact. Specifications…

LG V30

This is an unexpected relief, because the LG V20 came to the previous year’s station, and its competitors, apparently, cut it into everything. HTC U Ultra has activated the second notification screen, and almost all the major phones now use double-purpose camera.
The LG V30 is out of competition as LG’s flagship for 2017, LG G6, its smartphone which crossed six months ago.
Find inspiration from the new LG V30. Kill a Pro Like A Pro and tell your story with camera features and movie cinemas you’ve ever seen on your smartphone.
The colors are so bright that they are considered raw. Self-shiny pixels create a real infinite variation and makes it perfect, exceptionally dark. And with the HDR10 you get the experience of cinematographic features in your palm. Enjoy enhanced playback experience with strong, cleaner and more accurate flags like direct live performance with 32-bit QuadDAC.Disorder without three powerful microphone record harmful voice. This allows you to record clear and clean voices in the noisy environment that corresponds to the quality of your video footage. Specifications…

Google Pixel 2xl

Although it has been controversial because it started its launch in November 2017, 2xL pixels of Pixel are still in my favorite Android phone market. It also applies if you have a screen, speaker, and some devices in your problem that is not an integrated operating system. The LG Olded Panel has been criticized very much, and I agree that it was not very good. However, a new bright color mode fixes some issues.

Take a good photo with an intuitive picture experience. Pixel 2xL Your app stickers are changing new ways to add to your photos, changing the way to capture, store, and share your moments. Store all of your original photos and videos with free and unlimited Google Photos storage. That means you do not have to delete photos again. Additionally, Google Photos makes it easy to find, organize, and share your content. Google Lens lets you explore your world with the first world as you explore. Download the photo of Google Lens for more information about landmarks, artworks, and more. Need help or answer? Just ask Google Assistant, which is included with each Google Pixel 2 xL. You can request a trip, reserve the table and buy a ticket and use your voice only. With ActiveEdge, you can get Google Assistant fast. Just press the sides of your pixels to start the chat. Specifications…

Huawei Honor 5x

Honor 5X Another accessible, honored phone. Like its predecessor, the honor 7, 5x wants to use the same trick of an apprentice 2 and offers smartphones to smartphone customers at the most affordable prices.

This goal in paper achieves this goal with high quality metal housing, strong processor and clear performance. But with the phone, there is a low-level UI spirit, can 5 validity keep their promise?After that, respect has focused on building low quality equipment in low-cost markets. The reverence of the X Series is re-dual, there is a new and new design language, and there is one reason for it. He wants to give you his money. 5 x Respect indicates thousands of old people, young adults who want to recognize them (or perhaps students who do not buy an iPhone).
Respect in comparison to its predecessor offers a screen resolution of 4x 720x to 1080p, 16GB internal memory growth, power and graphics and a slight increase in graphics. Hardware designs do not make it normal and boiled. Specifications…

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