Moto Z3 Play case renders suggest a side-mounted fingerprint scanner

It is expected that Motorola is a part of Motorola, which will soon bring market to your cell phone and bring a smartphone to your Internet smartphone smartphone. In January  alleged phone impressions, 3D rendering and 360 degree video later. The original cases of the carbon shield’s cell phone are now included in the box manufacturer’s web portal.

The next smartphone in a TPU case with carbon fiber ending. Shows 9 in front of the screen and the double circular camera module: 18 shows in translations. In the left column  structured power button and the volume is controlled on the right. The interesting light comes as a segment that appears to be the first inclusion for the brand, which is attached to a fingerprint scanner. A type of USB port will also appear on the bottom of the phone.

This MOTO Z3 play a 6-inch screen, in reference to a Snapdragon 636 Chipset and 4GB + 32GB to 4GB + 32GB and Battery for 6GB 128GB + hat.Am, we hope to supply a power supply 3000mAh. Finally, the dual camera can be a 5MP photo-to-face one 12MP + 8MP unit.

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