LG V30 will be stable with Android 8.0 Update Oreo on its own ground

It took LG about three weeks to launch Oreos Android 8.0 Beta for the global version of the V30 after the beta was released in South Korea, so I hope it will be up to the final stable Oreo release in Korea to reach the US coasts. UU too.

LG said there were more than 500 Oreo beta users who signed up for the update before it reached the phone as a finalized version and implemented its suggestions. “We will provide a differentiated user experience with stable and comprehensive software,” said Lee Sang-kyu of LG Electronics Mobile.

What’s new in addition to the features of Android Oreo, such as better battery management in sleep mode or a picture in the picture? Wait for advanced application shortcuts, adaptive icons, and a new configuration screen. What else does LG have in its pocket for American versions? UU.? It remains to be seen, hopefully for a long time.

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