LG G6 expects Android 8.0 Oreo in February, but there is a trap

LG G6 is one of the many flagships that have not yet been updated to the latest version of Android. Although the South Korean company has promised to deliver Android Oreo to the LG G6 as soon as possible, it looks like the update will not make it until next year.

As some of you already know, LG has already launched an Android Oreo beta program for the G6, but it’s only available in China. Now we have more information indicating that the Asian version of the LG G6 may be the first to receive the update.

According to LG’s customer service, an Android update for the LG G6 will be released in February, which could mean that those with the smartphone can get it next month.

As previously mentioned, LG’s customer service refers to the H870S model, which was developed specifically for the Middle East. It remains to be seen how long LG will need to make the update available for other G6 models.

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