iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4 shipping dates now slipping into October

It seems he must resign this morning this morning, if he wants to get his Apple Watch Series 4 on September 21. All the models we have examined show their delivery until mid-October.

At the time of this writing, you can always configure the iPhone X in any combination of colors and memory levels and will receive the delivery date on September 21. The same applies to the 64GB iPhone Xs Max in all three colors.But if you want the 256 GB or 512-GB models, you need to wait. They are currently from 28 to 5 October for the 256-GB models and from 5th to 12th for 512 GB models.

If you live near Apple Store and want to try your fate, you still have the opportunity to buy at the store on September 21. However, availability can be limited.

The two new iPhones were officially released this morning at 3:01 a.m., although we could contact a few minutes later, as usual, with a variety of 9to5Mac writers who discovered that the website or application was faster



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