Iphone X diplay

The iPhone’s birthday is here. The name of the iPhone X or iPhone 10 is misleading as this product. Tim Cook finally defeated Steve Journal’s ideological remains. Axis startup key on a new era for iphone and infinite screens are not started on the screen.
Take a major change in its different iPhone formula by taking the iPhone X, and it’s hard to say completely now. While using a continuous phone after the start, my view about iPhone X starts changing every week.

The most anticipated feature of Apple iPhone X is definitely one of the most important features, with AMOLED 5.8 “HDR video support and 1125 x 2436 px resolution, resulting in pixel density of 458ppi.
The screen has unusual ratio of 19.5: 9, above Samsung’s 18.5: 9.
If we look at the AMOLED screen in the open eyebrows, a famous Pentite Diamond Matrix, we know the group of detect galaxy.

With an iPhone X, Apple has changed its familiar LCD screen technology for the first time OLED Panel. Samsung, Google and many other Android phone manufacturers are now using this technology and it looks like Apple finally goes going to war with Apple production. It also has a high-resolution resolution of the iPhone, a strange bit in 2436×1125 pixels, and also supports the DCI P3 Vision and the Dolby HDR color gateway.
The 5.8 in Old Screen is a simple application that Apple has placed on iPhone. This is for iPhone 8 and 8 more reasons: Intensity, quality, fact, works on the phone’s front and color reproduction.
If you are on the iPhone X screen, according to the environment, the temperature changes the screen and also benefits from the highest tone. Returns the 3D Touch so that you can apply different screens by applying on screen screens.

This is the best screen on any handset I’ve seen.I’ve downloaded the HDR-appropriate movies from iTunes, which you can not do on Android, and they are excellent.

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