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Samsung Galaxy A5

The screen can give you that AMOLED rhythm that has become synonymous with technology at the expense of color accuracy. In adaptive mode, the DeltaE average is 5.3 with red at 11.2, but also quite inaccurate targets. However, switch to the basic mode and get a perfectly calibrated display with an average DeltaE of only 2.0 and a maximum of 3.2. The modes “Cinema” and “Photo” are somewhere in between, regardless of the hovering of your boat.

The maximum brightness is excellent, especially if you use the automatic mode. In this case, the screen gets an amplification of the lighting conditions. However, last year’s model could pump more nits into automatic mode. Nevertheless, the numbers of the A5 (2017) at the height of the flagship S7: outstanding. The contrast is endless, it’s the Super AMOLED gift for you. With a minimum brightness of only 1.8 nits, you will not get tired during night scrolling sessions.

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