Huawei plans first 5G phone for Q3 2019, might be Mate 30

Chinese smartphone maker Huwei Shenzhen is among its global analysts peak, where it provides details of its plans for the next year. At the time of a presentation, one Hoveve representative will be the first 5G smartphone of the second half of 2017.

Just before the second century of 2019, Knayui also confirmed that this will be a mobile hotspot with a Wi-Fi enabled 5G speed system. You can see the presentation on the Twitter post of Neil Shah.

The first 5G phone company will be the milestone, Huawei can decide to start the device under the new line. In this case, we will have Met 30 and this smartphone will be with 5G capacity. It’s not possible, but it’s definitely a possibility.

In the first few months of 2018, with the end of 2018, we start announcing their 5G project by other smartphone manufacturers. It will not be surprised to hear that the program of other companies is affiliated with Huawei’s.



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