Xiaomi Redmi note 5 Pro has been released under China under Release Note 5

Almost two weeks ago, he released the release of Miami Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro. You recently presented in the MWC 2018 program; And they failed to attract the attention of the crowd.

Now the latest updates have revealed that your home country will also get models soon. Yes, and it comes from Jiangsu, production director director of Jiangsu in Jiaomi. Company Redmi Note 5 Pro is planned to nominate the International Edition as the Redmi Note 5, which it intends to start in China.

This was the first release in India on 14th February. Then they were released on the first sale of the same month. For our surprise, Jamie managed to sell 300,000 images in 3,000 minutes. In addition, the new Redmi Note 5 Prolay has also left its mark on the MCC.

Therefore, it has been practically confirmed that Xiami Redmi Note 5 Pro will come to China soon. However, we should wait for a while to know the specifications and features that lead the country. Stay updated with the latest updates on the device.


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