Samsung Galaxy A9 Specifications


Some say that this metal, with a slightly negative connotation, has become the new plastic in terms of the design of the phone. If you agree with this view, you will like the Galaxy A9 with its smooth glass surface. Yes, it will be easier to decipher; Yes, it will attract more digital impressions, but it looks really luxurious.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy A9 is one of its main selling points: it can be obtained in three different colors: white, gold and “rose gold” and the last two have a black front. The three options are pretty attractive. The side frame is finished in metal for all three variations, and I’m glad that the company is careful enough to smooth all edges, making it a cell phone that feels good in the hand.


The Panel 6 “is another heart of the A9, so if you’re interested in this phone, you’re obviously interested in seeing that the Samsung Galaxy A9 screens are equipped with a decent AMOLED panel, but not very stylish 1080 x 1920 px offers a pixel density of 367 dpi, which is more than enough.

There are usually ultra-saturated screen modes, such as “Adaptive” and “AMOLED”, but the colors are reasonably well-balanced, the Basic activation mode activates a color profile for the most part of the actual reality. There is a slight tendency to blue / green with this screen and, although this is more bearable, the colors seem to be a bit quiet, especially at the lowest brightness levels. It certainly is not the livelier animation panel that exists.

Still, it’s not all that bad, especially considering how beautiful the brightness is: the climb can reach up to 560 nits, which is enough to allow a pleasant view outside when we turn off the lights and shoot the leaves that minimum brightness of 1 night will ensure that our eyes are not in any way irritated as they see it.

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