Consumer Reports ranks iPhone X the best smartphone camera, iPhone 8 a close second

Consumer reports have issued an update list of today’s “best smartphone camera”, the Apple reflects the release of the recent release. The agency, which has sometimes been accused of being an inappropriate anti-Apple, is now an excellent two-way smartphone camera for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + and S8 actively performed well, but despite the “very good” reviews of Apple’s displaced proposals.

All of our 10 phone phones have worked well on our refrigerator-frame quality tests, which have a resolution, dynamic range, color accuracy, and optical noise. General artists were iPhone X and 8 Plus in this region, which just crossed their iPhone 8 brothers.

In terms of video, consumer reports are “excellent” for the iPhones and iPhone 8 video quality, while the iPhone proved to be 8 plus “very good”. Unfortunately, consumer reports do not describe why iPhones 8 went out of iPhone 8 plus.

Here is a complete list:

1.Apple iPhone X

2.Apple iPhone 8

3.Apple iPhone 8 plus

4.Samsung Galaxy S8 +

5.Apple iPhone 7

6.Apple iphone 6 plus

7.Samsung Galaxy S8

8.Samsung Galaxy Note 8

9.Apple iPhone 7 plus

10.Samsung Galaxy S8 active

Consumer reports are traditionally controversial with Apple products. The release has placed iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus anxiety about battery life, while Apple has expressed concerns over the MacBook Pro battery life.

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