Chinese users say iPhoneX face recognition can not distinguish them

The strange failure was discovered by a husband who bought the new expensive smartphone for his wife. But he was surprised to discover that his son could use his face to hand over face recognition software.

It seems that the family living in Shanghai in East China can fool the system.

The father, identified only by his surname Liu, said he had called the Apple Customer Service Hotline to report the problem.He was told that it was an isolated and rare case caused by his wife and son, who looked very similar. It is believed that the US tech giant has launched a thorough investigation into the claims of the Liu family.The news comes just a week after a Chinese woman realizes that she can unlock her colleague’s iPhone X with facial recognition software.A shocking video shows how one woman can easily open the other’s phone.

This was despite the fact that the couple has a number of different features, including completely different hairstyles. It has been suggested that the iPhone X can not distinguish the Chinese.The statements provoked outrage, and many on Twitter hinted that the software was “racist.”A social network user wrote: “The racist iPhone X thinks all Asians are the same.”And another speculated, “Face ID was probably tested correctly on white people, and that’s the result.” Apple continues to argue that its face recognition software is close enough to be foolproof.He says there is only one chance in a million that someone else’s face can unlock the phone.

But iPhone users in China, a country of more than a billion people, are increasingly concerned about the security and privacy features of their iPhone X.

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