Asus confirms it’s working on a gaming smartphone that could rival Razer’s

Asus has confirmed that this is currently developing a gaming-based smartphone that can compete with the razor phone.

In an interview, 100th Stocks Essex was inaugurated by Philippine, CEO of Global Ascendant, Jerry Shen confirmed that a game can be expected for the game. Since 2018, MWC has been rumors that there is a smartphone development for the Taiwanese Electronics Group player, but it is the first official confirmation of the project.

This announcement has happened recently with the introduction of the Razer phone of Xiaomi Black Shark, and has been an increasing segment of the smartphone based game last week. These installed rumored ASS Gaming phones have a Snapdragon Chip 845 or at least a Snapdragon processor 835. In addition to competing with the player, the Razer is placed a high strip for 1.440 x screen 2560 and a resolution quality of 120Hz,

Definitely demanding a market for more phones and phones, which can provide high-quality experience experience, which is PUBG and Fortnite’s popularity on mobile devices, so you can see more handset manufacturers and devices on hand-to-hand combat.

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