Amazon Recalling 260,000 ‘AmazonBasics’ Power Banks Due to Overheating Risk

If you recently purchased an Amazon Store, the reminder issued by Amazon should consider the reason for headheat reports. Amazon has received 53 reports of expired electricity banks, which in some cases damaged the chemicals and property.

Affected AmazonBox models that are part of the agreement are listed here: 16,100 mAH; 10,000 mAh; 5,600 mAh; 2000 mA with a micro USB cable; 3000 mAH and 3000 mH micro micro cable. All affected units are made of rubber or metal and are printed in front of the AmazonBasics logo unit.

These powderers from Amazon are cheaper alternative, many Apple users will be able to charge their iphone and iPod.According to Consumer Product Security Commission of the United States. Who has agreed to the agreement with the United States, any compromised power bank should immediately disconnect and contact the Amazon to learn more about how they return to the full refund.

Amazon sends emails to all customers who may have purchased damaged bank accounts.



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