Google Photos starts with the video collage “Sonrisas del 2017”

At the end of 2017 Google Photos is celebrating a new video collage called “Smiles of 2017”. This new offering works with all your smiling smiley photos and is available thanks to the built-in Google Assistant’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). Image recognition has long been an important part of Google Photos. Similar films like “Smilies” were published in 2016.

Google Photos offers “Smiles of 2017” with reminders of between 40 and 60 seconds. As detected by AndroidPolice, the Assistant section of the Google Photos app generates a notification when the video is compiled based on your stored photos. The video also includes elevator music in the background and guides your pictures with slow transitions.

Photos of Google smiles 2017 androidpolice Google Photos Google

Although we have not yet received “Smiles of 2017” on our devices, it should soon be available to those who meet the fee criteria to create the video. This is not the first time that Google Photos has offered a retrospective video vision. A similar video from “Sonrisas de 2016” was made last year, and recently seasonal videos featuring “Sonrisas” appeared in the title. This would be part of Google Photos on mobile devices and desktop computers.

In October, Google Photos received an update of the Mascot Club photos through the advancement of machine learning. This update allows users to see photos of their dogs and cats along with colleagues, friends and family

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